Blood transfusions every 15 days…
Are you the reason your child will suffer this?
30 million people suffering from Thalassaemia in India !!!

Support SAATH to help children suffering from Thalassaemia

How many of YOU know, whether you are Thalassaemia Minor or not? Do you have same information about spouse?

If both the parents are carriers of Thalassaemia, they have a 25% chance of "passing down" a serious form of disease i.e. THALASSAEMIA MAJOR where their child shall require blood transfusion throughout his life. Do we know, that our child could require blood transfusion throughout his life, just because we, an educated segment of the society, do not know enough?

SAATH Charitable Trust

Support And Aid for Thalassaemia Healing

  • SAATH stands for “SUPPORT AND AID FOR THALASSAEMIA HEALING” is a trust for the CARE and COMFORT of children suffering from Thalassaemia Major.
  • SAATH aims to share the burden of medical expense of 'Thalassaemia Treatment' for every child that includes monthly medicines, hospital bills, blood tests, yearly MRI, bone scans etc. for the whole life!
  • SAATH also provides counselling to the children whose survival is at stake. SAATH council parents also. We try an humble effort to make the children and their parents except the disease, understand it and become stronger to face it.
  • Just like Polio, Thalassaemia can only be eradicated by the spread of awareness about the disease. SAATH realises this and hence SAATH takes maximum possible efforts to create awareness in Schools, Colleges, Offices, Residential Societies, Marriage Counsellors etc
  • We organise blood donation camps along with 'blood test camps' where Thalassaemia tests would be conducted.

SAATH operates from the residence of Trustees. All the administrative expenses of SAATH Trust are borne by Trustees and every single rupee of donor is utilised for medical expense only. We are committed to continue this as

Sujata Raikar

Thalassaemia Free India.... & The Globe

One fine day she got a call from a friend telling her about a mother who was abandoned by her husband and looking for help for her sick daughter. Sujata went to meet the girl n her mother in Nana Palkar Aashram and that event changed her entire life. After helping the girl, Sujata understood the intensity of Thalassaemia and also the unawareness involved. She had found a cause which the philanthropist in her was always searching for. She took up the responsibility of the first child for her medicines, education & other support system to survive & sustain, from the family funds. Sooner before she could realise, she got applications from several parents of kids suffering from Thalassaemia. She took up the challenge & started contacting her family & friends for financial support. Accidentally started with 1 child, she managed to adapt 80 children in last 10 years... read more >>

The toughest job is "Adoption of Child" because everyone who approaches SAATH is a genuinely needy child. We have developed a systematic screening programme and step by step procedure to adopt child to ensure genuinely needy child. After getting recommendation from the Doctor, the need of the child is gauged and his spending power is estimated. A decision of accepting a child is taken only after various filtering checks and judging ability to support long term...

Thalassaemia affected patient requires 4 bottles of blood every month, throughout his life.. read more >>

SAATH aims to share the burden of medical expense of child for the whole life! SAATH, an individually run trust by Mrs. Sujata Raikar is taking planned initiatives towards "Thalassaemia Free World".. read more >>

More than 2500+ children in Mumbai alone suffering, looking for survival. Government doesn't have sufficient policies to support Thalassaemia Patients & their requirements. read more >>

Medical expenses are around 4,000/- per month, amounting to Rs. 48,000/- per annum & growing with age of the child. SAATH is taking care of 80 kids at moment. If you can find some time and resources, i will like to present an opportunity to give back...