A test for Thalassaemia Minor is required to be done to protect one’s future child.
Thalassaemia minor is not a disease.  There are no symptoms. But if a thalassaemia minor gets married to another thalassaemia minor  there are 25% chances that a Thalassaemia Major child is born to them. The parents do not know that they are Thalassaemia Minor because most Thalassaemia Minors are normal, healthy people. They will continue to be healthy.
There are an estimated 40 million Indians who are Thalassaemia Minor. Almost all of them are completely unawares of this. There are only two ways of finding out if you are a Thalassaemia Minor
1. by doing a blood test for Thalassaemia Minor
2. after giving birth to a Thalassaemia Major child

Unfortunately most people come to know that they are Thalassaemia Minor only after the birth of their Thalassaemia Major child. By then the harm is done and they can only repent. Had they known that they were both Thalassaemia Minor, they could have prevented this birth.
It is important for every youngster to do a test for Thalassaemia Minor before getting married.

You have  to go to any pathalogy Laboratory and specify that you want to get tested for Thalassaemia Minor. It’s a simple blood test and not at all expensive.
Please ensure a Thalassaemia free life for yourself and get yourself tested