SAATH works towards providing care & comfort to children suffering from Thalassaemia Major through financial support and counseling. SAATH has a two fold aim – firstly to share the lifelong burden of medical expense of ‘Thalassaemia Treatment’ for every child that includes monthly medicines, hospital bills, blood tests, yearly MRI, bone scans etc. and secondly to spread awareness about Thalassaemia.


  • SAATH Charitable Trust, which stands for “SUPPORT AND AID FOR THALASSAEMIA HEALING” provides CARE and COMFORT of children suffering from Thalassaemia Major.
  • SAATH aims to share the lifelong burden of the full medical expense of every child which includes providing monthly medicines, paying hospital bills in case of hospitalisation, getting necessary blood tests done, yearly MRI, bone scans etc.
  • SAATH provides counselling to the children whose survival is at stake. SAATH also counsels parents of these children. We try and make a humble effort to help the children and their parents accept the disease, understand it and become stronger to face it.
  • SAATH currently operates from the residence and the office of Trustees. All the administrative expenses of SAATH Trust are borne by Trustees and every single rupee of donation is utilised for the actual cause. We are committed to continuing this as CULTURE OF SAATH TRUST.
  • Just like Polio, Thalassaemia can only be eradicated by spreading awareness about the disease. We at SAATH realise this and hence take maximum possible efforts to create awareness in schools, colleges, offices, residential societies, marriage counselors etc.
  • We organise blood donation camps along with ‘blood test camps’ where Thalassaemia tests are conducted.